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    10Pcs Fruit Tree Branches Holder

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    1,Effortless and Practical: No need to install, easy to carry. Simply choose a good angle to fix the branches. Widely used for small branches, especially apple trees.
    2,High-quality Materials: The frame is made of high-quality ABS, durable and reusable and sturdy, and it features an excellent weight capacity.
    3,Form Stronger Branches: This tree branch support frame is specially designed for new branches, and it brings great convenience to fruit tree growers. Perfect for the growth period of fruit trees, especially apple trees.
    4,Useful Branch Support: Helps the young branches grow from the central stems horizontally to form a wide branch angle, making the tree more open and not easy to break.
    5,Solve the Problem: Prevents the young branches from sagging and makes them develop horizontally, you can choose it, and it will bring you unexpected effects.
    1.Widely used for small branches. Especially apple trees. Easy to carry
    2.Sturdy and durable with high weight capacity. Reusable.
    3.Note: Please check the measurement before purchasing.
    4.Train current-year lateral branches of fruit trees to grow horizontally from the central stem Helps to form wide branch angles, creating more open trees less prone to breakage.
    • Material: Plastic
    • Size: As Shown
    • Colour: Black