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    Who is Unicity ?

    Unicity International, With decades of R&D and product formulation, Unicity Sciences has a growing focus on natural solutions and programs for people suffering with Metabolic Syndrome, and compromised Human Microbiome, two issues creating and connected to growing epidemics globally.

    Unicity Formulates and Designs Exclusive Patented Natural Based Products from the Newest in Science and Research. These products attract those who seek to maintain Strong Immune Health, Stamina, Energy, Vitality, and Fitness with as Natural and Prescription Free Lifestyles as Possible. We share our products with people seeking the Best Products, the Best Price and Convenience, with ‘Direct To The Consumer’ pricing and shipping to customer's home. We seek to Engage, Educate, Enrol New Customers, Members, and Associates alike and empower these individuals to share the love of these products and this opportunity with their friends, families, and communities, making life better for all.